Second Shooting

Portland and the Willamette Valley are just ripe with talented artists, photographers and events;
 and everybody needs quality help now and then! 
As a prime shooter myself I know your needs and I'm happy to help!

When second shooting

my number one goal is to make you look good.  

My 2nd goal is to make your job easier. 

I excel at seeing what you or a bride will need before you even ask.  Noticing the details, easing tense situations, having things ready for you, getting those shots you'll love and staying out of the background of your shots are a matter of course with me.  You will love working with and being somewhat pampered by me and your bride and groom will love you for having me there.  

I shoot full frame Nikon and am adept at various lighting situations, including the use of on and off camera flash.  I am able to follow direction specifically or work independently to make the day a success.  
My hourly rate is 35 per hour with the use of images for my portfolio although I am flexible to work out ways to meet your needs.  
I bring cheer and stress relief to the day and I would love to talk to you more about
2nd shooting or assisting you!

Please contact me with any questions or to schedule your event!